Hemispheres is the award-winning onboard magazine for United Airlines. The magazine is published by Ink and produced by a dedicated staff of media professionals out of an Ink satellite office in Brooklyn, New York.

In addition to its signature “Three Perfect Days” feature—which offers a first-person, itinerary-style, nooks-and-crannies portrait of a city—Hemispheres covers global culture, adventure, business, entertainment, and sports. Our writers and photographers have been all over the world: marching with a Jewish Mardi Gras krewe in New Orleans; uncovering Maya ruins with an archaeologist in the Yucatán; ringside at a Muay Thai boxing match in a Thai prison; taming wild horses in Texas; competing in a 1,000-mile car rally race across Newfoundland; hunting lionfish off the coast of Belize; helping to protect American black bears in Yosemite; and surfing giant waves off the coast of Portugal.


Editor-in-Chief : Ellen Carpenter

Deputy Editor: Justin Goldman